Sejarah Syarikat


At the beginning of the establishment, the company has a lot of the difficulties and obstacles, but it did not dampen the spirits of the owners to continue the company’s activities. The company has won the trust of customers to carry out the work as mechanical engineering, Works Plumbing, repair and maintenance of the Pipeline, Instrument and electrically, Works Civil and Structure, Tank Cleaning, Scaffolding, Supply of Labor-Confined Space rental Workshop, Forklift, Lorry Crane and excavator.

The work above can be carried out based on the experience gained by the company in several companies that he worked starting in 2005. Subsequently in 2014 he also opened his own business, namely SENERGY TECH ENGINEERING & SERVICES is also conducting business activities such as above , Many job offers obtainable through the company. (Please refer to the attachment)
The company also intends to register with any government and private organizations to obtain licenses and thus facilitate their activities.

Company will be more willing to accept the offers greater employment in the years to come. By leveraging the experience gained results than about the work that was conducted earlier, the company believes that the future of this company is much brighter.